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Omul care se uita in engleza, Meanings of "Prima dragoste nu se uită..."

  • Idiom: Ochii care nu se văd se uită. (Română) — 41 de traduceri
  • Matrimoniale cu fete din calan
  • Fete cauta baieti londra
  • Cauta? i o femeie Gap

A cold hand and a warm heart. First catch your HARE, then cook him. First catch your hare. The HARE always returns to her form. To hunt for a HARE with a tabor.

Idiomatic translations of "Prima dragoste nu se uită..."

Cu doba nu prinzi iepuri. To fright a bird is not the way to catch her. Where we least think, there goeth the HARE away. The hare starts when a man least expects it. HARES may pull dead lions by the beard. Dogs that put up many hares kill none.

  1. Femeie Bust Cautare
  2. Idiom: Prima dragoste nu se uită niciodată (Română) — 2 de traduceri
  3. Однако в данный момент у него был перерыв и он поглощал пирог с сыром и перцем в круглосуточной столовой АНБ.
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HASTE makes waste. Cine se pripeste, adesea se poticneste. The greatest HATE springs from the greatest love.

Traduceri & exemple

Chelul lesne se tunde. A forgetful HEAD makes a weary pair of heels. Unde nu-i cap, vai de picioare. Better be the HEAD of a dog than the tail of a lion. He that has a HEAD of glass must not throw stones at another.

He that has a HEAD of wax must not walk in the sun. Mickle HEAD, little wit. The HEAD grey, and no brains yet. De ani mare si minte n-are. No fool to the old fool. When the HEAD aches all the body is the worse. So many MEN, so many opinions. Health is great riches. Hear all, see all, say nowt.

S-au oprit pentru a se uita la mine.

Wide ears and a short tongue. HEAR much, speak little. HEAR and see and say nothing. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. A good heart conquers ill fortune. Where there's a WILL, there's a way. Ochii sunt oglinda inimii. The EYE lets in love. To go to heaven in a featherbed. HELL and destruction are never full. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. A black HEN lays a white egg. He that comes of a HEN must scrape. That that comes of a CAT will catch mice. Who leaves the old way for the new, will find himself deceived.

It is hard to break a HOG of an ill custom.

Omul care se uita in engleza

The worst HOG often gets the best pear. Into the mouth of a bad dog often falls a good bone. HOLD fast when you have. He that does nothing always finds helpers.

He that has not silver in his purse should have silk on his tongue. HONEY catches more flies than vinegar. HONEY is not for the ass's mouth. HONEY is sweet, but the bee stings. Onoarea se tine de virtute ca umbra trupului de tine.

Omul care se uita in engleza

The more cost, the more honour. HOPE deferred maketh the heart sick. Hope often deludes the foolish man. Who lives by HOPE will die by hunger. He that lives in hope hath a slender diet.

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Fiecare pune bucuros seaua pe iapa vecinului. It is a good horse that never stumbles. The beast that goes always never wants blows. While the grass grows, the horse starves. The horse thinks one thing and he that rides him another. One thing thinketh the bear, and another he that leadeth him. He that reckons without his HOST must reckon twice.

An HOUR in the morning is worth two in the evening. It chances in an HOUR, that happens not in seven years. N-aduce anul ce aduce ceasul.

Omul care se uita in engleza

Ce aduce minutul, n-aduce ceasul. The morning HOUR has gold in its mouth. Ora diminetii e aurul vietii. The Muses love the morning. A deaf husband and a blind wife are always a happy couple. The cuckold is the last that knows of it. Lenevia e perina dracului. Be not IDLE, and you shall not be longing. IDLE Omul care se uita in engleza have the least leisure.

A sluggard takes an hundred steps because he would not take one in due time. Sloth is the key to poverty. Idleness is the root mother of all evil. He that does ILL hates the light. Evil gotten, evil spent. Of one ILL come many. Nothing so BAD in which there is not something of good. Femeie singura caut barbat veternik him an INCH, and Omul care se uita in engleza take an ell.

IRON not used soon rusts.

RUST eats up iron. IRON whets iron. One knife whets another. Leave a jest when it pleases lest it turn Omul care se uita in engleza earnest. Leave off while the play is good. Leave a JEST when it pleases you best.

JOVE laughs at lovers' perjuries.

They stopped to look at me. Când astronomii au început să folosească camere speciale pentru a se uita la spațiu în infraroșuei au descoperit că acesta strălucește. When astronomers started to use special cameras to look at space in infrared, they discovered that they could see the dust shining. Să sperăm că el era doar în drum spre a se uita la peisaj. Hopefully he was just going on a drive to look at the foliage.

After JOY comes annoy. The JOY of the heart makes the face fair.

"Ochii care nu se văd..." în versuri

JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. The pot calls the kettle black. Cheia de aur deschide toate usile portile.

There is no lock but a golden key will open it. No LOCK will hold against the power of gold. The KICK of the dam hurts not the colt.

"a uita" engleză traducere

Every man is a KING in his own house. Every groom is a king at home. Every dog is a lion at home. A COCK is bold on his own dunghill. Like KING, like people. Cum e domnu si servitoru. Like prince, like people. The KING is dead. Long live the King! Regele e mort. Schimbarea domnilor, bucuria nebunilor. Where nothing is, the KING must lose his right.

De unde nu-i, nici Dumnezeu nu cere.

Prima dragoste nu se uită niciodată

Where nought's to be got, kings lose their scot. Divide and rule. KNOW thyself.

Omul care se uita in engleza

Much science, much sorrow. Vrednic este muncitorul de plata sa. Every LAND has its own law. Cum este tara asa si obiceiurile. Good LAND: evil way.